Do you Want a Done for You
Google Ads Marketing Funnel?

If you are a lawyer with a great offer but not enough people know you exist,

and you want to grow your business consistently and reliably

...without a bunch of in-person networking

..and especially if you aren't currently running any Google Ads,
or if you don't have a Google Business (Maps) listing

or if you don't' have a Google Local Services Ads listing

and you want a Free Evaluation to see if a Google Ads funnel is right for your business, click the blue button below and fill out a form for your free marketing evaluation with me, Ruben Ramos.

Local-business marketing funnels for attorneys that bring new clients week after week. 

And once it's working, huge amounts of work are taken off your shoulders.

Three time-consuming tasks this funnel automates.

  • Following up with the prospect, as well as
  • Notification of new client alerts
  • Building a list that can be leveraged on other social media platforms like Facebook